Bob Dylan is considered by many as one of the most influential songwriters of our time. He was an inspirational musician who had a very distinctive musical style. He also has a very iconic look, which includes a very famous pair of Ray-ban sunglasses.

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer is arguably the most famous pair of sunglasses, and one that is tied to Dylan’s iconic look. Dylan loved the Ray-Ban Wayfarers and was frequently photographed wearing them.

In his early career though, Dylan had a more subdued folk appearance. His early pictures showed a more clean cut version of himself, with shorter hair and a softer presence. You can see this in the first picture at the top. As he progressed in his career, his style slowly evolved to become a bit more edgy. Then he discovered Ray-Ban.

By the mid-sixties and on, Bob Dylan had found Ray-Ban and started rocking his iconic look, which included the Ray-Ban Wayfarer. This is the look that most people recognize when they think of Bob Dylan.

Here are some facts that you may not know about Bob Dylan and his famous Wayfarers:

#1: Wayfarers were already popular about a decade before Bob Dylan wore them.

Ray-Ban patented the Wayfarer in 1953, and it soon became a massively popular style. It was introduced after Ray-Ban’s previous best selling style, the Aviator. Bob Dylan started wearing the Wayfarers in the mid-sixties, and continued to wear them throughout his career.

#2: Bob Dylan often wore his Wayfarers indoors

Dylan loved his Wayfarer sunglasses so much, he often wore them indoors. In 1965, Dylan was photographed wearing his icon Ray-Bans in the recording studio when he was working on one of his most popular songs, Like a Rolling Stone.

#3: He also wore Aviator sunglasses from Ray-Ban

Bob Dylan’s most iconic looks included the Wayfarer sunglasses, but he also wore Aviator sunglasses towards the later years of his career. Though he changed up his style from time to time, he still stayed loyal to the Ray-Ban brand of sunglasses.

Bob Dylan’s Ray-Ban legacy

There’s no doubt, Dylan is a legend and his iconic look during the 60’s will be closely tied to his Ray-Ban sunglasses. The Wayfarer has a timeless look that has continued to be popular to this day. Though many musicians have donned the Wayfarer look, Dylan will always be closely associated with that style of sunglasses.