Medi Cal in Costa Mesa

Atlas Optometry provides vision services to patients with Medi Cal in Costa Mesa. Medi Cal insurance is also commonly referred to as CalOptima.

Vision services include comprehensive eye exams at our Optometry office.

Medi Cal will also cover glasses frames and lenses depending on certain criteria.

Vision Benefit: Medi Cal in Costa Mesa

Typically, Medi Cal will cover a comprehensive eye exam every 24 months. During this exam, your refractive state will be assessed, as well as your ocular health.

If needed, a glasses prescription may be issued to help your vision.

Additionally, patients under 21 years of age may have coverage for glasses.

Frame Coverage

A selection of frames will be available to patients with Medi Cal at our Costa Mesa office. The frame benefit will usually be available every 24 months.

Glasses frames are available for patients under 21 years of age, under Medi-Cal.

Lens Coverage

Patients under 21 years of age will have lenses for their glasses covered every 24 months.

Patients will have plastic lenses covered if their benefit is available.

Additionally, if the patient is under 18 years of age then polycarbonate lenses will be covered.

Contact Lenses

A contact lens fitting is usually not covered in normal circumstances under Medi-Cal in Costa Mesa.

As such, contact lens materials are also not covered normally.

There are special circumstances where Medi Cal will cover contact lenses.

Medically Necessary Contact Lenses

In some cases, contact lenses may be deemed medically necessary.

During the eye exam, it will be determined if you qualify for this benefit.

If available, the benefit will usually give the qualifying patient an allowance towards contact lens services and materials.

Our office accepts Medi Cal in Costa Mesa.

Atlas Optometry is a proud provider of Medi Cal in Costa Mesa. We have a great selection of glasses frames to choose from.

If you have any questions, call our office. We are here to help.