Atlas Optometry is proud to serve Costa Mesa as a Medi Cal Optometrist.

We provide complete vision services to patients who have Medi Cal insurance.

This insurance is also commonly referred to as CalOptima.

Local Medi Cal Optometrist

Atlas Optometry is conveniently located at the intersection of Harbor Blvd and Adams Ave in Costa Mesa.

We are in the Marquee Plaza, next to many unique restaurants and local businesses.

For contact information and a map to our office, visit our contact page.

Vision Coverage

Services provided by a Medi Cal Optometrist includes eye exams, eye care, contact lenses, glasses, and other vision services.

Vision coverage may vary from person to person. Feel free to contact our office to check your vision eligibility.

A) Eye Exam Coverage

Typically, this insurance will cover an eye exam every 24 months, by a certified Medi Cal Optometrist.

The eye exam includes a comprehensive eye check and prescription for glasses if needed.

In some special cases, Medi Cal may cover an eye exam sooner than every 24 months.

Atlas Optometry can look up your insurance benefits for you to see when your next exam is available.

B) Glasses Benefit

Glasses are usually covered for patients under 21 years of age.

There are some instances where this insurance will cover glasses for other individuals also.

Atlas Optometry can help you find out if you are eligible for the glasses benefit.

C) Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are normally not covered by this insurance.

But under certain conditions, a Medi Cal Optometrist can determine the need for contact lenses for a patient.

Medi Cal may give an allowance towards contact lenses and the contact lens fitting if the patient meets certain criteria.

Atlas Optometry can examine your eyes, and determine if you may quality for contact lenses.

Costa Mesa Medi Cal Optometrist

Atlas Optometry offers full exam and optical services to our Medi Cal patients.

We are proud to be serving Costa Mesa and the surrounding cities.

Contact our office for any questions regarding your insurance.